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A clients managed IT services journey begins by a thorough technology evaluation. The evaluation begins by discussing the impact technology has on the business and any struggles that the business is aware of. A thorough inventory and review of equipment and software is collected. Input is asked from users to reveal frustrations or problems that may be present in the environment.


After discovery the engineering team meets to analyze the results. During this process any existing inefficiencies, security issues, and outdated or under-performing equipment and applications are identified. The service plan and project scope is then created based on those results, the specific business needs, and any compliance requirements. 




Based on the service plan and project scope created by the engineering team, the solution is presented to the client and each detail is discussed. Care is taken to propose the most cost effective solution to the client.


Upon approval, a timeline is created and work begins on solution implementation. The onboarding team works closely with the client to minimize business disruption during implementation and provides staff members with training material to cover any changes that affect their work processes.




The client journey has only started at this point. The Journey team continues guiding and managing the client IT environment through business changes, new technology, and growing cyber threats.

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